What individuals (with what health problems) cannot take food supplements? Can food supplements be taken by individuals who suffer from chronic diseases, e. g. diabetes, hypothyroidism?
Food supplements are food products, so by definition they are safe. However, everything depends on the composition of the supplement and the concomitant medication. We always include information, which is important for the consumer, on the packaging. It includes information when caution while using the supplement should be exercised, what the composition is and whether it contains sweeteners. If you have doubts, you should always consult your doctor.
What medicines should the supplements not be combined with?
There is no simple rule – everything depends on the composition of the supplement. In the case of Nutricode Slim Extreme, the fibre it contains interferes with the absorption of some medicines, including contraceptive pills. Therefore, you should first take your medicines and then, after 20-30 minutes, the glucomannan tablets. Caution in taking vitamin C is advised in the case of individuals with a tendency to kidney stones formation. Antibiotics should not be taken with supplements: supplements should be taken between the doses of the antibiotic, as it is in the case of milk, yoghurt and other products which affect the activity of these medicines. If you have doubts, you should consult your doctor.
Should obese individuals consult taking supplements with the doctor to get their approval? If so, do they have to arrange regular check-up appointments?
Obese individuals usually take a lot of medications (so-called polytherapy). It may happen that some supplements are contraindicated and others may be recommended in larger than standard doses (e.g. vitamin D). In such cases you should always consult your doctor. The frequency of visits depends on the medications and supplements you take.
Is drinking alcohol allowed while taking supplements?
Usually it is. An exception here are supplements containing certain plant extracts. In the case of Ginkgo biloba, caution is recommended by combining it with alcohol and in the case of ginkgo it is recommended not to drink alcohol at all. The Nutricode supplements do not contain these ingredients.
Can pregnant women take food supplements?
If your doctor sees no contraindications, then absolutely yes. Only on the packaging of the Nutricode Vitality Boost sachets we placed a warning that they are not recommended for children or pregnant women because of the content of caffeine. Weight reduction supplements are naturally never recommended for pregnant women.
Is there any maximum daily intake?
Yes, on each package there is a detailed description of the dosage, including the number of tablets and sachets to use during the day and a warning: „Do not exceed recommended servings for consumptions during the day”.
What is special about the Nutricode supplements?
What distinguishes our supplements is their unique composition and system. Our specialists have created 5 programmes, including 3 innovative comprehensive supplementation systems. Acting throughout the day and even at night, our supplements take better care of your bodys. The programmes complement each other, e. g. the Inner Balance supplement should be taken before the Extreme Slim, preparing the body for weight loss, or before the Vitality Boost, to restore the body’s vitality. Our secret is the unique recipe of our supplementation systems. We used the newest technologies, drawing both from the riches of nature and the knowledge of the best specialists. Each set of the Nutricode supplements is an optimum combination of the ingredients, designed to fulfil the body’s needs. They will help you to take care of your body at the cellular level, which in turn will lead to an improvement of your physical and mental fitness. Our advantage is also a system of support in the pursuit of your goals, in the form of a website and a mobile application. They contain a knowledge base and an interesting blog. Additionally, we have prepared recipes for delicious and healthy meals and you can download complete diet plans, do sets of exercises and even track the pursuit of your established goal – the dream weight.
Is there a difference between our food supplements and similar products offered by other companies?
Our supplements have a unique composition, which always differs from that of the supplements available on the market by at least one substance. The compositions prepared by our specialists contain the optimum dose of vitamins, microelements and other ingredients to achieve the best results. Another difference is that they can be combined into systems to achieve the best possible results.
What are the adverse effects of supplements? Can long-term use of supplements cause some side effects?
Vitamins and minerals taken according to the recommended dosage and the needs of the body should not cause any adverse effects. If you notice any alarming symptoms, discontinue the use of supplements.
How long can supplements be taken without a break? Are breaks in their use necessary?
We recommend taking supplements for 3 months, then take one month break.
On the package of the Nutricode supplements there is a GMP sign. What does it mean?
Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a set of production, control and quality management procedures applied by companies in order to ensure that the products meet strict quality requirements. This in turn ensures repeatability and uniformity through a strict supervision of the production process, from the supply of raw materials and their storage, through production, packaging and labelling, to distribution of finished products. The application of GMP prevents the occurrence of products which do not meet the quality standards and the requirements pertaining to the variability of product features. GMP guarantees a higher level of comfort for the consumers and certainty about the quality of the product.
The tables on the package include certain nutrient reference values (NRV) expressed as a percentage.
Sometimes it is more than 100%, for example the riboflavin content in Hair Skin Nails is 114% NRV, vitamin C content of the Immuno is 200% NRV, biotin content in the Slim Extreme effervescent tablets is 150% NRV. Should not the substance content be maximum 100% NRV? Any vitamin or mineral has a specific NRV, reference daily intake value, according to the Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. It does not mean that only such values may be used in food supplements. NRV values, for example 80 mg per day for vitamin C or 14 mg per day for iron, have been settled by the legislator very carefully, at a very safe level. From time to time, they are altered, in connection with the results of recent studies and recommendations. For instance, the level settled for vitamin D is 5 μg, but people suffer from such deficiency of this vitamin, that some supplements contain up to 1000% NRV. All values for the Nutricode supplements indicated by us are safe and they are perfectly adjusted to a given supplement: its overall composition, synergistic effect of ingredients and the goal, which are the best possible results.
On the packages of the Nutricode tables it says „niacin equivalent” (by niacin), „alpha-tocopherol equivalent” (by vitamin E), „retinol equivalent” (by vitamin A). What does it mean?
This is due to the fact that in the case of some vitamins there are authorised different salts with various content of pure vitamin. Therefore, their equivalent is given, to show what amount of pure vitamin each serving contains.
The Nutricode supplements can be taken by teenagers and adults. What about children?
Generally, food supplements can be used from age 3, but some of them, for example those for beautiful skin, hair and nails, or for weight reduction should not be used by children. From among the Nutricode supplements, Hair Skin Nails, Inner Balance, Slim Extreme and Vitality Boost are recommended only for teenagers and adults, whereas Immuno can also be taken by children aged over 10 years, or even slightly younger.
Do the Nutricode supplements contain substances which cause allergic reactions, are not tolerated etc.?
Allergenic ingredients are always marked in bold on the packaging among other ingredients. In the case of Nutricode they are: sulphites contained in the glucomannan in the Slim Extreme tablets and gluten contained in the dried yeast in Hair Skin Nails. The list of allergenic ingredients is based on the Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011. The Inner Balance soluble powder sachets and effervescent Slim Extreme tablets contain aspartame, which is a source of phenylalanine and therefore they are not recommended for individuals with phenylketonuria. The Vitality Boost sachets – due to their caffeine content- are not recommended for children and pregnant women.
Do the Nutricode supplements contain any ingredients which may be controversial?
All substances used to manufacture the Nutricode supplements are permitted by the current legislation. Only sweeteners, such as aspartame or acesulfame, might be controversial, but their level in our supplements is always lower than the one permitted by law.
Is there any evidence of the effectiveness of supplements? Have there been studies of entire systems or only individual components? Do I have a guarantee that the ingredients of a specific composition have the same effects as those demonstrated in the studies?
We base on the tests of individual components. The composition of our supplements has been developed by experts with broad experience, who have introduced many very popular supplements and medicines, both on the Polish and on foreign markets. They have selected proven vitamins, minerals and other ingredients, including plant extracts, in such a manner and in such proportions that they demonstrate a synergistic effect and enable achieving optimum results. Many years of experience of our producer, testing of ingredients and knowledge of their effects and interactions based on literature guarantee that our offer includes only supplements with known effects.
What clinical trials did the supplements undergo and what were the results?
Food supplements are not subject to clinical trials. Those are performed only for medicines and not for supplements.
Have you conducted any laboratory tests? If so, what kind of tests were they and what were the results?
Each supplement has been tested in order to determine that it meets the organoleptic, physicochemical and microbiological requirements.
Were the products tested on animals?
There were no tests on animals. Those are illegal.
Can all your supplements be taken at the same time? Can different systems be combined? Will the recommended doses of some ingredients not be exceeded in such a case?
It is not recommended to combine supplements, due to the possibility of exceeding the allowed amount of some active substances and interactions between them. It is difficult to predict if an interaction occurs or not and it should always be taken into consideration.
Can Nutricode be taken in combination with vitamins or supplements of other producers?
It is not recommended to combine supplements. The Nutricode supplements include an amount of vitamins which is sufficient for supplementation, covers the recommended daily intake safely and which does not require the use of additional supplements.
If I decide to follow a cycle of programmes, in what order should I follow them?
We recommend starting with de-acidification with Inner Balance and then choosing Slim Extreme or Vitality Boost (depending on the set goal). Hair Skin Nails and Immuno should be taken when the need arises, for example when the nails are brittle or when we suffer from frequent colds.
Do the ingredients used in the production come only from the European Union or also from other regions?
The ingredients come from different regions of the world. Each time the supplier is audited by our producer: both before the first batch of the substance is purchased and with every next batch. They receive a quality certificate for a given substance.
Are the Nutricode supplements natural products?
Our supplements contain, among others, plant extracts and Nutricode Immuno contains natural vitamin C received from acerola, but not all ingredients are of natural origin, which results from the character of the product. The best example is Nutricode Immuno: active ingredients are natural substances, but excipients are also necessary to form a tablet. These are not of natural origin, but they are always authorised by law to be used in food supplements.